Lakme CC Cream Price and Review | New Lakme CC Complexion Care Cream India

Lakme CC CreamWhy should daily wear be about choosing between beauty and skin care? Why couldn’t you look your best every day and still nourish your skin at the same time. This was a far-fetched thought for most before Lakme launched its revolutionary product- Lakme CC cream. It showed the modern woman that you could have your cake and eat it too.

Lakme CC cream is marketed at the women of today. When days get longer and eat up into the nights and you’re out and on display till nearly dawn, you need a magic wand to keep yourself beautiful. This magic wand is about five inches and oozes liquid gold rather than gold dust. Small enough to fit into any handbag, yet effective enough to battle anything your day meets out, Lakme CC cream is on the verge of replacing diamonds and will cost you only two fifty rupees.

Lakme CC Cream Price in India = Rs 250

So what exactly is so great about this cream? This cream nourishes, protects against the sun, brightens, refreshes and evens out skin tone. No. We aren’t talking about a bulky set of tubes and boxes that need to be carted around in a suitcase. These are literally all the functions that a CC cream performs. The revolutionary formula is more effective than a tinted moisturizer as it conceals more efficiently. With an SPF of 20 it can protect you against the harsh sun; not forgetting the brightening element it refreshes your skin and prepares you for a grueling day, that can be pretty enough to be photographed.

Lakme CC cream redefines makeup as war paint. With the wars getting longer, just plain make up isn’t enough to last you till the very end. In this time of choices, why should we have to go without basic necessities just to look pretty? The cc cream comes in two base colors- beige and bronze. Beige is for the wheatish amongst us while bronze enhances the dusky ones. Touch ups with the CC cream are so easy, you might find it quicker than washing your face!

The future of makeup is here, and you’re staring right at it i.e. the Lakme CC Cream. Look forward to those photo-filled evenings because with a vaccine like Lakme BB cream, Long-Day-Phobia is now truly eradicated!

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